Holiday Club COVID-19 Procedures

Ballerz Holiday Club at Valence Primary School
Covid-19 - Planned procedures and cleaning
Ballerz prioritises the safety of all staff, children and parents and have put in the following procedures to ensure a safe environment for all. ALL PARENTS MUST read this documentation before their child attends any of our holiday clubs at Valence or Northbury and by signing up you agree to adhere to these procedures put in place for the safety of all staff, children and parents. 

All Ballerz coaches will be briefed on all procedures prior to the holiday club commencing. All holiday club COVID-19 procedures could be subject to change depending on any changes in government guidance throughout the duration of the school holiday. 

  • Parents are encouraged to pre-book online and make payment online so that numbers can be determined prior to each day of the holiday club running.

  • Parents could face being turned away should they turn up on the day without notifying Ballerz prior to attending.


  • When arriving, parents will drop their children at the gate without entering the premises.

  • Parents will only enter the premises if they need to make a cash payment - which we will try to avoid via pre-booking payments online. (This is not something we are encouraging). 

  • Children will use sanitiser at the gate as they enter the premises

  • Any forms the parents need to sign will be done outside the front gate (image policy etc) 

  • Collection times will change to a window available anytime from 4.00pm – 4.30pm. Parents can come to collect their child anytime between 4.00pm and 4.30pm. 

  • This allows the collection period to be less crowded and staggered, as parents will come at different times.

  • Parents will enter the playground socially distancing from other parents so that they do not need to crowd at the gate. 


  • Parents to ensure children who are attending Ballerz do so in clean clothes each day. If a parent sends their child to Ballerz in the same clothes or clothes that are not clean on consecutive days Ballerz have the right to turn them away.

  • Ballerz encourages parents to send their children to the holiday club with their own hand-sanitiser should they wish to do so.

  • Sanitiser will be made available to all children at all times and we will routinely ensure this is used along with hand washing. 

  • Children should not be sent to Ballerz if they have any symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, headache, fever or generally feeling unwell.

  • Children will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly after each activity they take part in.

  • Children should always wash their hands before they eat and after they eat.

  • Parents are to discourage children from bringing in electrical devices unless it is deemed necessary. If they do bring in an electrical device in, this should not be touched or used by any other child at any point.

  • Children will be instructed by coaches not to touch their face, mouth or eyes at any point and if they do then they must wash their hands.


  • Children will be split into groups (25 max) and will stay with the same coach for the duration of that day. 

  • Children will remain in their groups for the duration of the day while activities, breaks and lunch will be staggered where possible.

  • Children will be encouraged to social distance as much as possible, however, this will not always be possible due to the nature of the sports activities they are taking part in. Parents who are uncomfortable with this possible outcome should not send their children to Ballerz during school holidays. 


  • All chairs and tables will be cleaned before and after use at break and lunchtimes

  • Toilets will be checked frequently and cleaned multiple times throughout the day

  • Toilets will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day

  • Staff will use a separate toilet to the children and only staff will use that toilet

  • Coaches will also be provided with hand-sanitiser for children in their group to use at anytime

  • Sports hall floor will be swept and mopped each day with warm anti-bacterial floor cleaner


  • Any parents or children who do not adhere to guidelines set out above by Ballerz Ltd may face refusal to enter the premises and attend the holiday club until further notice.

  • If a child does not follow the procedures set out by Ballerz Ltd in line with government guidelines and endanger the safety of themselves or others we do have the right to contact parents and ask for that child to be collect

  • By booking your child onto any of our holiday clubs, agreeing to our terms and conditions and signing the COVID-19 procedures documentation upon arrival you are agreeing to all the above.